Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Power Red.


Red is a power colour.

You put it on and you are like embued with super powers or something.

I read that in Cosmo when I was a kid and had to read it under the covers with a flashlight at night because back then we were still all undressing in the dark and pretending we didn't have naked bits underneath our clothes.

I think a lot of our grandparents died, without ever even knowing anything about those naked bits.  I think it brought them a real sense of peace.


I just think it kinda sucks when you know stuff because you are well read and were able to sneak things into your bedroom in your underwear when other people clearly didn't and couldn't and other people don't know and they don't pay you the respect you deserve. It takes talent to work a flashlight under your blankets, while reading, and not dying because there is no air and it gets so hot that your entire bed is wet with your sweat.

What is the point of wearing red if you don't get to be in charge?

I wore read to work this one time and my boss got there and he was all like, "What the hell are you doing in my office with those penquins and my golf clubs?"

No-one asks Batman about his fetishes.

They just get out of his way.

I wore red to church once and stood up on the pulpit and started singing the solo part in the choir while attempting to fly past Jesus and the angels and they sent me home with the Salvation Army armed guard. Those women are really scary and they weren't wearing any red. They put my leotards in their purse and my cape in my mouth. I don't think that was at all respectful to the whole idea behind power and superness.

So I pretty much wrote Cosmo and told them that their whole power colour thing was not a full proof concept and that they should be more responsible in their journalistic endeavours.   I actually wrote to them 233 times because they didn't respond to the first 232 letters.  I didn't think they were taking me seriously either.  But, in fairness to them, they did respond to that 233rd letter ...

They took away my cosmo subscription ...


. . . and my flashlight ...

SKIN:  Lara Hurley-Aimee Tan
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EYES:  IKON Perspective Eyes - Nymph
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JEWELLERY:  $GaNKeD$ Firestarter Jewelry Set BOXED
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PURSE:  welldone.atelier /  Clutch /  red
SHOES:  N-core MAMBO "Black" (Mesh)
NAILS:  Vanity Fair - Giftbox - Bloody Black French Nails Adoness
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