Thursday, October 17, 2013

Road Kill.


The white man was once very responsible.


Before Walmart blurred all the lines ... we came, we farmed, we hit things, like animals ... first with the horse and buggy, then cars, and later farm equipment. We were like ants ... the cry would go out, the family would show up from all directions from wherever they were and they would gather up the little (or big) critter and the family would have squirrel or bunny stew, deer roast followed by deer sandwiches and possibly deer helper in a single pan, and someone would gather the fur and make stylish coats and hats and any left over claws were used to pick teeth or make jewellery. Those women especially gifted at Pinteresting before their time, boiled hooves down to make sparkle glue.

That is why you see so many women from the prairie wandering around in stylish furs and fancy clothes standing next to grandpa in overalls and holding a pitchfork.

They weren't as shallow as you think.

They were thrifty, living off the land, being environmentally responsible. And they paid a heavy price for that. If your wife had a lot of fur coats, and your kids had a satchel full of glue and "toothpicks" it was like a neon sign to the community that no-one should ever book your husband to do any extra combining come Harvest ...


. . . he clearly could not tell the steering wheel from his own ass and no-one wanted him driving in their fields.

This is just one of the many sad and tragic tales of survival on the prairies, the ups and the downs, the costs to their humanity.

Cookie anyone???

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