Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Art of the Tam.


I had a tam to wear to school.


Grandparents like to dress their grandkids up like little minature them, and then they kiss them goodbye and put them on the school bus and send them off to get their asses kicked on the playground because kids only like the elderly when they actually have real grey hair, are in their rocking chairs, and offering plates of homemade cookies.

They can spot a pseudo grandma a mile away.

Tams were not cool.

Cowboy hats and baseball caps were the only head gear worthy of sitting at the popular kids table.

I knew as soon as I saw them dressed like cowboys and farmers I was never going to fit in.

I wore my tam all day and pretended I loved it.


Sometimes the annoyance factor is worth any personal discomfort incurred and the the surest way to really annoy people is to buck the system and really enjoy yourself while you do, not caring what they think.

That takes it to the level of super annoyed.

The level where many people have died.

I didn't.

That annoyed them even further.

My tam sits in my china cabinet with a gold banner ... "Grand Double Supreme Queen of Annoyance." I used all my sparkle paints to do it. I just threw away the picture of the unicorn cavorting with the fairy princesses.

It was worth the sacrifice.

SKIN:  7DS  7 Deadly s{K}ins - BOO!beeees Hunt
HAIR:   Bliensen and Maitai  - La Folie du Jour
EYES:  MayFly  Myrtal Green
LASHES:  Angel Rock curl Fluffy Hollywood Stars
HAT:  Jinko
JEWELLERY:  Addiction Protective Owl Set
NAILS:  [Bamboo] Nails  - Spring Peach
BELT:  {me.} Pansy Chain Belly [GOLD]
SKIRT:  Coquet  Free Group Gift and New Releases!
SHOES:  Retro' - Nicole Beige Heel MESH

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