Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Rites of Spring, The May Pole, and Other Stuff.

Pay no attention to the fall motif in this picture.  It is technically spring here and I thought, you know what, I should be doing spring things. I should be looking for lambs cavorting in flowered fields.
I would look except it is too hot and the lambs here are most likely surrounded by a herd of flies. It is kinda sad really ... the cows each get a lovely white bird and the sheep get fly herds.
I was not at all deterred in my quest to celebrate spring. I looked for a may pole and phoned my hubby and told him if I could get this dance and ribbon thing down that he should plan on getting lucky tonight.
I was pretty confident I would have my "rites" well in hand as soon as I started dancing.
I had to settle for one of the trees in the backyard. My granddaughter could not hold the broom up long enough for me to sufficiently dance around. I got some old bed sheets and ripped them into "ribbons" and then I tied them and started to dance. It was exhausting because I had to play the roles of all 8 dancers, one at a time. I had the plain and unattractive older sister "Jane Bennet," the girl with the beautiful blonde hair and perfect teeth "Rapunzel," Myself of course, the spoiled rich bitch "Nelly Oleson," the very thin, hauntingly beautiful, but strange girl from the old scary house on top of the hill "Posh Beckham," and 3 shorter jolly girls, "Grumpy," "Sneezy," and "Bashful."
In the end all the ribbons were entwined and I was off in the bushes, leaving Posh to pick up my certificate of merit so that my husband and I could do this in style. Not just anyone can do the rites.  You have to be both educated AND the winner.  At one point I thought I was going to lose to Posh but then I used psychological warfare and told her that the winner had to eat cupcakes at the awards ceremony. 
I have done the rites of spring and danced around the may pole in some ridiculous manner as a child but I don't remember there being as much light headedness and puking involved afterwards.  I think oxygen masks kind of ruing the fresh untouched look of flowers in the hair too. 
It is so disappointing when you try to recreate something and the magic is gone. 
SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. AmyLee Tan
HAIR:  Analog Dog  AD - trouble clef
EYES: Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural  Eyes - Ebony
LASHES:  ByKay Seductive
DRESS and SHOES:  ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich :::... Summer Diva
NECKLACE:  LaGyo_Bizarre flower necklace
CARDIGAN:  K2 United Enterprises mesh - cardigan pure red
HALLOWEEN STUMP:  ISOVII  Halloween & Thanksgiving2013-pumpkin stump
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