Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Super Hero Me.


I don't like to brag and talk about my hidden life as a super hero but I saved a couple of chickens yesterday.


There I was, mild mannerdly typing at my computer, sipping herbal tea, the epitome of not a super hero here folks look away ... and suddenly there was this hysterical barking and mad clucking and the sound of chickens hurling themselves against a metal fence. (Super hearing comes with the tights)

I jumped from my chair and saw one neighbours dog madly attacking another neighbour's chickens and although there was a metal cage between them, THAT dog was intent on having a drumstick or two for lunch. I ran right out going "heeeyyyy doggy ... shoo shoo ... go away ..." and the dog was having none of it. He was not shooing in the slightest. Some dogs are that far gone they have no respect for leotards and a cape. It is really sad and a reflection of just how far gone we are as a society. So I waved at the puppy and finally he looked at me and I think swore a little and then he ran off .. clearly embarrassed at how he had been carrying on around chickens. Lust is like that though, it takes no prisoners. He would live to eat his kibbles and bits sans the chicken drumsticks. It might not be what he wanted, but it was all he was going to get. No-one buys chickens for their dogs anymore ... everyone is downsizing.

Unfortunately the chickens did not fare as well. One had a broken beak. Thank heavens they were still breathing because even Super Heroes have their limits and I was not going to be doing any fowl CPR. So ya I talked to them a bit and tried to cheer them up with some jokes and the story of the Little Red Hen and they were doing ok although the poor chicken with a broken beak now clucks with a lisp.

 So sad.

I had to tell the neighbours what happened. I was so worried about breaking the news to them that they had now had a special needs chicken. I tried to tell them it would not change my feelings about the chickens at all ... I still hated them and their smell as much as I did before they were victims of a violent crime. I would continue to swear at them under my breath just as if they had a normal beak.

She thanked me a lot. And took the news really well.

She invited us over for dinner.


We had beakless chicken.

SKIN:   AKERUKA Barbara Light
HAIR:   Analog Dog AD - bayou
EYES:   IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Verdigris Light
LASHES:  Amacci
DRESS and PURSE:  Bubblez Design  BB - Keai Outfit
SHOES:  tram Carnation Flats
POSES:   Slouch Poses

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