Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When The Lights Go Out.


Ever notice how when there is a storm and the lights go out and you are caught in the bathroom ....


. . . someone invarably knocks on the door and yells, "everything ok in there?"

I like to yell back that "ya, thanks, I am good. Thank heavens no-one moved my "equipment" when I wasn't paying attention and everything is just where I remembered it."


I have always wondered what would happen if I said, "NO!!" It's too dark. Can't see a thing. Can't find my ass anywhere."

SKIN:  essences~ Qopi 03 *ivoire*
HAIR:  Analog Dog nightingale
EYES:   IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Verdigris Light
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
OUTFIT:  ~CandyMetall~ Sucubo Satin Lingerie
POSES:  Slouch Poses
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