Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arts and Crafting with Left Overs.


I decided I am going to make a whole Pinterest craft page of things to make with your missing IKEA parts.


You know, those parts that are left over when you are done putting your Ikea racecar/bureau/towelholder together? I figure some spray pain some sparkle paints etc on the whole thing, and get the gluegun and sledge hammer together and go for it. I don't think it even matters it what you make is functional or purposeful ... as long as you add enough pink and some lace and make some of the pic fuzzy when you take it.

They could have contests ... to see what people come up with ... it could be a whole new art form that leads to others ... welding with Tupperwear ... sculptures that burp ...think of it???


Stay tune for how to throw fruitcake like clay and come up with stunning Nativity Figurines.

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