Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How Does A Girl Get Any Attention in Here?


I did a little tap dancing today around the grid.


It's part of my move to embrace SL and all things that are part of it. I was going to go and find the Lab offices and do a singing telegram to let them know that I was here and I was awesome and that they should consider hiring me as their mascot but evidently they hide the offices to protect themselves from losers who might show up at the office and try to sell them stuff or get their autographs or something. I was not going to ask for any autographs ... I swear.

Someone needs to represent tap dancers. They are really picked on.

Every little girl has a romance with tap dancing - who doesn't love shiny shoes that make noise? And then the ballerina bun heads get hold of you, like Moonies sweeping in at the airport and suddenly everyone is brainwashed into thinking that the only real dancing is the one where the shoes are completely silent except for the screaming toes which are all bandaged, not because they are bruised and bleeding, but so no-one can hear their cries. Everyone throws away the double breasted monkey suits and grabs a tutu and the hoards ooh and ahh and another pair of tap dancing shoes gets shoved into the attic to rust and lose their sheen.

I wanted to be that person . . . that person who stood up for all the broken dreams of tap dancers who had their dreams stolen by ultrathin, really bendy people in leotards.  So I tap danced around SL today with a sign that said "Tap Dancers need love too," and well ... one guy threw some peanuts at me.

 Other than that it was pretty much like any other day out in SL.

 Everyone ignored me.

 I guess tap dancers just do not stand out amongst Goreans and furries and vampires.


I think it is a shame ... just a gosh darn shame. I went home and kicked my ballerina Barbie.  We need role models for our little girls not pink, sparkly, twirlmobabes.

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