Friday, November 15, 2013

It Rained!!


It rained today and I tried to be really cool about it ... like no big deal ... you know rain shmain yawwwwn ....


But then I just lost it and ran out and started jumping up and down and splashing around like a complete yahoo. I think it is important to be able to let go and embrace yahoodom as often as possible. It keeps us young. It makes us feel alive and I think God gets a real kick out of seeing how much we really appreciate the weather sometimes.

People should skip and shout and sing more often. It must get really boring looking down on all of us just schlepping around every day like "ho hum ... this is me walking in the weather, not even noticing ...."

I would cry if I was God.

Ungrateful humans.

So I danced and hooted and basically carried on like a pork chop. (that is an Aussie saying and like many of the Aussie sayings, I have no idea what it means. In Canada pork chops just basically lay there with the apple sauce.)


I did find it a little strange that my dancing naked in the front yard in the rain was just treated like normal by the neighbours ... they just waved and kept on driving.

I thought I could hear God crying but it might have been my husband.

It was kind of muffled like someone had the curtains stuffed in their mouth. He tends to do that sometimes when I am naked on the front lawn and the neighbours are around.

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