Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Doctor's Note.


Nice cloudy rainy Saturday and I am still vibing on the whole rain thing. I was beginning to wonder what my hubby had done this time to make God so mad that he put a bowl over us so the rain would not reach us. I am thinking Tupperware most likely.


I am not still really bitter about having been banned from Tupperware, just now and then when there are family holidays and some members of the family flaunt their burping bowls, their salad spinners or there perfect gravy maker doo dads.

People are incredibly insensitive to my pain.

I am ever grateful for the dollar stores and cheap supermarket attempts to duplicate Tupperware ... it is like the methadone for plasticware. I have weaned down gradually and now I only get the urge when I am around middle aged women putting away leftovers. I try to avoid those snake pits of temptation.


And of course, I avoid users ... which is the main medical reason I cited on the note to my mother in law from my doctor about why I cannot see her anymore and why she should excuse me from having to attend family dinners.

I think it should get me out of at least a couple, until I come up with something new.

I am working on it.

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