Monday, November 18, 2013

New Direction Sans the Dudes that Sing.


I was going to metaphorically write about my change in direction but that sounded too much like a 7th grade writing assignment and I am allergic to the 7th grade. I experienced some swelling around the breast area and was excused from the whole year. Oh wait maybe it was more like I excused myself from the whole year because the swelling opened up this whole new world to me and math and english just cannot compete with the back seat of a car game known as "show me yours I will show you mine." The compassion of prepubescent boys for my "swellings" was epic. I think some of them wasted their lives on being mere pig farmers when they could have been doctors.


So ya, I thought I could intro this change like I was a siamese twin and we were finally separated. But then I thought, "is that accurate?"  Yes Bliss and Aria are connected but I never even tried to make them two different people. Bliss is exactly like Aria.  I have fake boobs and a fake ass that I can apply in real life too. Oh .. and I am 9 foot tall.  So Siamese twins might fit with separating real life from virtual life but not really about separating Bliss and Aria.   

I want Second Life to be about Second Life and I am going to force myself to engage more with awesome tools I got from the local hardware stores BOGO sale. Jack hammers can break through even the greatest resistance of not wanting to go to the grand opening of the new value for dollar vagina store for women who want something bright and shiny and new to help them freshen up their outdated pixel look.

So then I thought, "what is more real to virtual reality?  What is the universal sign?"  And of course the only answer is "attachable 'peni.'"  So wouldn't a penisectomy be more accurate?" True I don't have a penis in real life but SL makes all things possible and there you have it ...  removing a penis is like taking the magic and keeping it in SL and the reality in reality .. from whence it came.

Can you feel my pain?

Torn between 2 metaphors and not knowing what to do?

So without any clear answer, we will just go with the direct approach. I am going to be sharing my epic Second Life observations about my actions here. They will be completely and totally epic and not at all contrived. I think people need this. They don't know they need it but once they taste it they will know their lives are nearing completeness. I am all about helping people complete things. I am a completer. It is a gift.


Basically I am drinking right now and all this makes sense on the planet I am currently on. When I sober up I may delete this post and deny it was ever here. You should probably run and get all your friends to read it now while it is up. Dream of a new Bliss world while I am passed out and drooling on my keyboard. Hope, even if it is fleeting, has the power to change the world. And if that happens, I mean if suddenly there is world peace , then we all know what that means ... I am the next Miss Universe.

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma [:ME:] Stella Peach Skintone
Make-UP:  Mirror's Enigma
HAIR:  WASABI PILLS/ Robin Mesh Hair
EYES:  IKON Destiny Eyes - Midnight
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
SWEATER:  (Kunglers ) Amelia top - black
TIGHTS:  SD Wears tights
BOOTS:  Leverocci  - Ava OTK Boots_StandardSizing_Python
CLUTCH:  Magnifique  Bri Bri Clutch
STREETLIGHT, UMBRELLA AND POSES:  ::LISP:: Streetlights & Umbrella in a Box
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