Friday, November 22, 2013

One Big Experiment.


My grandfather loved music but he could not stand the way some people looked when they sang. Evidently when God made him, He put him in charge of the aesthetics of people's faces and how their mouths and eyes should perform when they were on stage.


He would say, "She has a lovely voice, if only you did not have to look at her when she sang." I suggested a paper bag ... he took it to mean for her, I was thinking him. This is just one of the many ways in which my mind and my grandfather's did not work well together.

He assumed other people were the problem. I could only see him in the centre of all his complaining.

I suggested he close his eyes because really we weren't there to admire the way someone looked, it was supposed to be all about the music, and, according to him, on that point, the woman was awesome. His eyes were, "not for closing."   Other people were supposed to be aware his eyes were open, his sensitivities foremost on this planet, and therefore everyone should conduct themselves accordingly. He told me "closing your eyes does not take away the pain, that is a child's game of magical thinking."

I had never realized that HOW people looked when they said things was important enough to completely undo the beauty/importance/significance of what they were singing/saying.

I had to try the theory out right???

Which is why when they asked me to sing a solo at church the weekend after this one woman he complained about, I sang it with my finger stuck up my nose and my eyes crossed. (you could probably get someone in the office to sing a few bars of O Holy Night with their eyes crossed and their finger up their nose so you can judge for yourself ... in the interest of realistic journalistic experience)


Yup, it didn't matter to anyone how beautifully I sang, probably the best I had ever done. All everyone talked about was the crossed eyes and the finger.

 It certainly didn't matter to my grandfather and he met me in the bedroom after church that day with his personal guest, Mr. Belt. The lesson was further brought home when I also proved that closing your eyes definitely does not take away the pain.

And thus ended any thoughts I had regarding my future as a Scientist.

The experiments would probably kill me.

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma [:ME:] Heather Peach Skintone
MAKE-UP:  Mirror's Enigma
HAIR:  Action Womens Hair Bianca
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SHOES:  even.flow  - Oz Pumps "Yellow Brick Road"
POSES:  Ma Vie

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