Monday, November 4, 2013

The Circus Ran Away With My Brother.

I went to a circus as a kid.  It was pretty epic.  I was fascinated with the costumes.
To be honest I was fascinated with any type of clothing that negated denim and plaid flannel.  Even the clowns looked good to me BUT the ones that really won me over was the girls who were in the ballet outfits riding around on the horses doing tricks.  Yes, you read it here first.  I wanted to dress up in skimpy clothes and do tricks. 
So I found some old netting that I hair sprayed and I tied it around my leotards - put on a bathing suit top that I stuffed with toilet paper and got the horse out.
I think they have some kind of special horses ... because our horses had difficulty understanding that they were supposed to just gently canter around in a circle without letting me fall.  Getting up on your knees and then doing a nose plant onto the horse with your ass up in the air does not look magical or effortless. 
I think I even passed gas.  No-one was there to tell me if it was me or the horse but it happened. 
To make it even worse the tissue fell out and the hair spray did not hold and I ended up looking like a bruised ironing board caught in a fish net sitting on one pissed horse.
So I skipped that and went for the man shot out of a cannon.
I convinced my brother he should be the man and that jumping off the roof of the barn was kinda the same thing.  He ended up in the hospital with a broken collar bone because, well, I blame the circus.  That dude just had a helmet, no-one said anything about protecting the collar bone.  I think my brother had to shoulder some of the blame too, he never ever took strengthening his collar bone seriously.  He didn't even eat all his vegetables.
I think clowns sadly are never the first choice for circus aspirations but rather the lowered expectations of people in their failed but excited pursuit of other circus careers and then had to do the clown thing as penance to try to either cover their tracks or make it up to the people they maimed or injured in that attempt.
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