Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Good Neighbouring 101.


I have become a chicken herder.


The neighbour's chickens keep getting out and I can't abide the idea of anything happening to the chickens and then there would be all of this drama of them coming home and finding the chickens missing without even a good-bye note or worse - they find a maimed or dead chicken. There would be wailing and screaming and then the relatives would have to come with their potluck dinners (not chicken although it seems like such a waste) and there would be a whole night vigil with wailing and gnashing of teeth and someone would probably lose their teeth or take home the wrong ones and all that noise would interrupt my watching Home and Away and I would be really upset because I wouldn't know if Bianca and Heath were going to stay together this time or not, and I would have to close the window and I would sit in here sweating and thinking I should turn the air conditioning on, but not wanting to because it bothers my sinuses and I hate even having to admit it because talking about health issues makes me feel old and annoying like my grandparents used to be when they talked about their ingrown toenails. (I know I turned blue there for a moment but it is ok .. I am breathing again ... )

So I feel the need to tend to the chickens and herd them and gently stuff shove push place them back into their cage.

I don't think those girls even understand my compassion for their chickens.


It was the same with the other neighbours when I used to stuff shove push encourage their children back inside so the little angels wouldn't hurt themselves we didn't have to listen to them screaming and running up and down the street creating havoc all day.

I think being a good neighbour has to be a two way street.

They should appreciate me more.

 I am a swell neighbour to have.

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