Monday, December 2, 2013

If Wishes Were Horses.


Men always assume that if they see a bit of lace under a coat ... it must be lingerie.


I think it is them projecting their hopes and dreams.

I can't blame them, I used to do it as a kid.

I would look at the gift that looked, felt and smelled like a book and squeal, "Don't tell me you got me a PONY!!!??"

I was hoping they might take a hint, feel really bad, tell me to close my eyes and not to open it yet, run out into the yard and get in the car and race to the pony store, pick up a pony, and race back into the house and switch the gift in hand to handing me the reins to an actual pony.

THAT never happened.

But I tried child psychology for awhile, not realizing the term was misleading ... it was a weapon for THEM against me ... not for me.

So ya, I get that men are still stuck in the, "maybe if I close my eyes real tight, say something like "Is that lingerie underneath your coat?" that it might come true.


They are always so surprised when I take off the coat and show them that actually ...

I am not wearing a darn thing underneath . . .

SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma [:ME:] Ashley Medium Skintone
HAIR:  Vanity Hair: The One
EYES:  IKON Sunrise' Eyes - Peach
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
HAIRBAND:  Nylon Outfitters
NAILS:  Adoness  - Princess Mia S:10 - Red
DRESS:  Beautiful Dirty Rich 
CARDIGAN:  Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Wool Cardi[Ivory]
PURSE:   .: vive nine :. Wynne Clutch in Creme
JEWELLERY:  (Kunglers Extra) Paradiso earrings - Copper
SHOES (with SLINK Feet):  ::HH:: Hucci Glynco Pumps
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