Saturday, December 7, 2013

POE 6 Post 8 Ooh-la-licious, FuLo, Baboom Couture

POE 6 Post 8  Ooh-la-licious, FuLo, Baboom Couture 1

I felt very elegant stepping out in the gifts from these three designers for the POE6 hunt.  Oohlala Sassoon has 3 skin tones each with a vivid or demure options for her gift and Kyra Camel of Baboom Couture has provided this beautiful dress.  I love how the subtle colours of the top sweep down to the bold fuchsia of the bottom.  Dita Tran of Fulo has created a very intricate and delicate jewellery set that is perfect to complete the look.

POE 6 Post 8  Ooh-la-licious, FuLo, Baboom Couture 2

Figuring out where to stuff the Schmelf for a night out was a bit more difficult.  He suggest he could fit in my bra and I suggest that I could probably pin him to a flower and make a wrist corsage or something.  In the end I just tried to outrun him but he magically just shows up at the worst moments.

No joints behind the greenhouse or stolen kisses in amongst the potted roses for me.  Try explaining a tag along elf to the cool kids at the ball.

POE 6 Post 8  Ooh-la-licious, FuLo, Baboom Couture 3

I don't think it takes a genius to figure out why so many elves die each year with high heel imprints imbedded in their faces.

Santa can't refer to a list of who is naughty or nice if there is no list ever found, now can he??
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes Agean
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
NAILS:  Purple Moon :: PM :: Metallic Nails in Baby Pink
JEWELLERY: FuLo Tangled Set for POE 6
GOWN:  Baboom Couture  Lotus-meshgown  for POE 6
POSES: oOo Studio
Sequoia - POE6 1024x1024 final   
Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt

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