Wednesday, December 18, 2013

POE6 Post 30 Joyus Living, , Silken Moon, Ghee

POE6 Post 30 Joyous Living, , Silken Moon,  Ghee 1

Joyus Sohl of Joyus Living allows us all to be angels for this Christmas as we put on our shimmering rainbow coloured wings and sit and play the harp.  I just am so sad that Schmelffy was not around to see me in my angelic splendour.  I mean the SocElfky is ok but it is just not the same.  He tries hard but mostly he just drinks a lot.

POE6 Post 30 Joyous Living, , Silken Moon,  Ghee 2

Malicia Python of Silken Moon provides a couple of really different make-ups, this is just one showing here but it adds to the angelic effort along with the Warm Clarity of Ghee and her must have white angel netted gown.

POE6 Post 30 Joyous Living, , Silken Moon,  Ghee 3
Just make sure you don't leave the drunk SocElfky to spin on the stool with the harp.  Deck the Halls takes on a whole new meaning when the sock monkey is throwing up when he should be "fa la laaing."

SKIN:  AKERUKA Adua natural MK3
HAIR:  Tukinowaguma   Reija
EYES:  IKON  Spectral Eyes - Midnight
MAKE-UP:  Silken Moon  Ice Angel And Djagg for POE 6
GOWN:  ~ghee~ Satin Burnout Set  for POE 6
JEWELLERY:  Always Eclectic  *AE* Pale Amethyst Set
WINGS AND HARP:  Joyus Living- Harp and wings for POE 6
Sequoia - POE6 1024x1024 final    
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