Tuesday, December 3, 2013

POE6 Post 4 Rockberry, Masoom, MEP, Special Jewell's Photography

POE6 Post 4 Rockberry, Masoom, MEP, Special Jewell's Photography 1

Turns out that elves are attracted to shiny objects too. I asked Schmelf if he wanted to get bedazzled for Christmas. I told him all the fashionable elves were doing it and that it would make him stand out for Santa, or did he want to just be a stupid shelf elf his entire life?

POE6 Post 4 Rockberry, Masoom, MEP, Special Jewell's Photography 2

He let me bedazzle him, even though we had to call the paramedics. Who knew elves could bleed that much? OR that they are such babies? He survived and I had to spend time in the emergency ward waiting for him because elves are not allowed to be there "unattended." I pointed out that was completely unfair, I bedazzled him so that he would stop "attending me" and now I had to "attend" him? They suggested a deal, he wouldn't press charges if I "attended."

I attended.

My Rockberry skin from Heather Beebe did not require any bling. It already has a beautiful glow for the holiday season and comes with 4 skintone options and "with or without cleavage." I like to use that kind of option to punish my dates. Be good, you get cleavage, suck and you get none. And don't think that I can't just change things if the date start to goes south. Cleavage is just a click away you know. Nothing kills an evening faster than getting undressed and there being no boobies in sight anywhere ....

Amberchaudry Corpur of Masoom is gifting all of you with her gorgeous green Salma dress which is conveniently low cut enough to punish or reward your Christmas date with bosoms ... or not...

Martie Heron of Martie's Elegant Plants shares this cute Christmas plant complete with a little stand for it. I tried smoking it while I was waiting for the Schmelf but I did not have as good a time as some of the other patients did with their morphine. Still, I would give it a try on your own because it is possible that the Schmelf ruined the whole buzz for me and if you are Schmelf free .. you might have a swell time.

Special Jewels Photography provided the Lily picture which is nicely framed and I appreciate that it can be resized. Because it is also copiable, I am thinking 4 of them, made into a box, containing Schmelf, made smaller and smaller, postage stamp size, nail to letter ... send back to Santa. Probably my favourite gift so far!

POE6 Post 4 Rockberry, Masoom, MEP, Special Jewell's Photography 3
Anyway they just released the Schmelf and I am going to see if I can interest some crows in a shiney elf.   I think people forget that crows are God's creatures too and they would probably love some Christmas bling for their nests.
HANDS:  SLink  Mesh Hand Elegant
EYES:  IKON  Sunrise Pale Arabian Blue
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
MAKE-UP:  Natural Beauty - eyeshadow
Mozz - Lipstick
JEWELLERY:  Artistry by E  - Princess and Goblin Set - 4Emerald
DRESS:  Masoom Sexy Salma for POE 6
SHOES:  [NV] Hell Heels -Gold
PLANT:  MEP Martie's Elegant Plants for POE 6
PAINTING:  Special Jewell's Photography Holiday_Peace_Lily_by_Special_Jewell for POE 6
POSES: oOo  

Sequoia - POE6 1024x1024 final   
Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt

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