Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Office Party.


Office Parties are very scary. On one hand, attendance is mandatory. You must appear to be happy, to love everyone, and be willing to dress up and drag your partner along as proof that you have a life outside of work. It is always good if your partner is big and scary or looks like they have a gun in their purse or pants. This helps for the coming year and those who might take you on will think twice.  (Note ... NOT a good time for your hubby to bring HIS purse .. he should go for the pants option)


On the other hand anyone who drinks at an Office Party is an idiot. That is when you say and do all the things you really wanted to say and do the whole year but were too scared to do it. When the people who made your life hell all year are standing there, sparkling in their Christmas gear and smiling at you, it is just like someone waved the starter flag and before you know it ... you are off ...

Or you get the person who decides to share the sad stories of how, when they were five, their kitten ran off with a raccoon and then turned rabid and took out half of the sheep in the community  and everyone blamed them and now they can never go home again because their is a picture on a billboard on the way into town of them standing beside a heap of dead sheep with a big red circle around it and a line drawn through it.  That is when you have to go and find the gift you brought for them because you drew their name and get it out of there before everyone starts opening the presents.  A cute little sheep ornament is probably going to just set them off again.

But Office parties are awesome for raise negotiations. 

Someone has to stay sober to get all the pics and think about the blackmailing possibilities. And if you have been in SL and have developed Photo Shop skills .. the possibilities are endless.
Big raise in the New Year!!
SKIN:  Mirror's Enigma  Kami
HAIR:  Tukinowaguma 
EYES:  IKON  Lucid Eyes - Brown
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
JEWELLERY:  (Kunglers  Extra) Yara - Copper
OUTFIT:  coldLogic outfit - torres.crimson snow
SHOES:  Similar Sargento Black Shoes **
POSES:  Frooti

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