Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Legal Matter.


 I have a pet gecko that hangs with me every night.


Once we got over his fear - bugs are a good incentive - we became good and fast friends. I type and he runs around the outside of the screen eating bugs.

I talk, he listens.

 He is probably one of  the best friends I have ever had.

He even lets me hold the remote.


My mother in law ran to get my hubby, she told him I was talking to myself in the room ... pfft .. a lot she knows.  I mean the gecko wasn't hiding or anything, he was there in plain sight.  I'd like her to try and sell that one to the judge ... talking to no-one.  I even have pics of me and gecko doing duck lips for snapchat . No-one is going to buy her story that I am losing it this time, let me tell you.

Which is exactly why I am telling you.  Are you available for court???  Yes mom, I mean you.  Who else reads this blog???

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