Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am A Rock Star.


 I like to carry a doctors bag with me wherever I go. I am trying to create a more professional look.


Not only that but I like to take instruments out at lulls in the conversation and do "procedures" on unsuspecting people. It is kind of like a cool ice breaker ... like "what are you doing?" "exercising that thing growing out the side of your face, relax ma'am I am a professional!" I mean people get real when you are there to save them." I think I made the decision to be a life saver when I got that life saver book at Christmas for the first time and I thought, "this is what life is all about."

I know a lot of people thought I was just necking with all those boys in the back seats of those cars but I was actually practicing first aid.  I took my calling very seriously.


They all lived.

I saved them.

That is how much of a rock star doctor I am.

SKIN:  **SHINE** Zaria Doll/ SYSP edition
HAIR:  [LeLutka]-SALOME hair/Light Blonde
EYES:  IKON Destiny Eyes - Midnight
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
JEWELLERY:   Artistry by E  The Ariane Set
PURSE:  MiWardrobe - Shopper Bag - Blue- B
TOP:  shine by [ZD] MESH OFFSHOULDER T "the Mermaid" lim. Ed. ZDesign
SKIRT:  [Liv Glam]*WINTER-2012*-THE COLLECTION-Freda-Highwaist Skirt
PUMPS:  Slave Dressing Room *S* Stiletto with Tights -azzurro-

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