Friday, January 17, 2014

Pay No Attention To Anything You Read In The Newspapers.


 My neighbours are away, have been since summer holidays started just prior to Christmas.


They are not planning to be back any time soon.

Meanwhile family are taking care of the yard etc. The yard is fine, thanks for asking. However the inside of the house is not fine. Inside the house a high pitched alarm has been going off for over a week. I would say it was a smoke detector except there is no fire, no smoke, not even any excessive heavy breathing.... AND the batteries have lasted through hours of endless beeping. It goes on and off without any rhyme or reason sometimes for mere seconds, sometimes for hours.

Did I mention that no-one has a key for the house?

So ya, I understand how sound is used as torture. Not even my headphones and my cranked music can obliterate the sound. I suppose I should be standing and applauding for the fire alarm company that created a sound that cannot be ignored AND the battery company who clearly can dance circles around the energizer bunny. I plan on finding out which batteries they use because I find the once every 3 year or so nanosecond beeping of our smoke detectors when the battery fails to be unbearable (yes that was a truthful statement laced with sarcasm ... sorry if I dripped some on you .. I know like battery acid right???)


 I tried to explain to the police and the very polite relatives of our MIA neighbours that I am not coping well. They laugh and thank me for letting them know and talk about how there is nothing they can do and drive away ... away from the sound and the insane lady standing in the middle of street drooling on the pavement.

If I disappear suddenly please send flowers and well wishes to the psyche ward of my local hospital.  Please pay no attention to any outrageous stories about any rampage, bunnies, boiling water, or teeth hanging from the trees.  I will not know anything about any of that stuff.  I never do.

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