Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Clouds Speak To Me.


 It is supposed to rain.

I am like one of those kids you read about who cling to the things of childhood and it is until they are like 38 that some psychiatrist suggests shock treatment to help you "get over" your insisting that Santa Claus is real.


 If you don't convert to adulthood in the usual manner, they have cattle prods.

At the gateway you must surrender all the toys, put on your sturdy underwear, and take your place in the line that leads to mind numbing regularity.

So I am standing outside searching the heavens looking for the dark clouds. I stare in disbelief as cloud bank after cloud bank rumbles straight towards us, warnings issued, and then POOF it is just gone from overhead and the rain is something happening to someone else's day . . . anywhere but here.

I curse the heavens.

I curse the weatherman.

I curse the neighbour because well ... we are beyond needing reasons to curse one another and I was outside anyway.


So no rain yet.  I even left the windows wide open and drove away for the afternoon.  I am tempting fate.  I am mocking it ... I don't get it.  I used to be so good at hooking my brother ... is this part of getting older?  Am I losing it?  What will I do if I cannot stir up all kinds of things??  Who AM I if I am not a shit disturber?

I need more treatment.

I keep seeing Santa Claus in the rain clouds.

SKIN: Mirror's Enigma  [:ME:] Juliana Medium Skintone (Peachy : SYSP Jan)
HAIR:  Amacci Hair ~ Klara
EYES:  IKON Destiny Eyes - Midnight
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
GOWN:  [Liv Glam ] Boutique-Spring 2013-MASIKA Dress
EARRINGS:  {Meghindo's} Bijuteria #5
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