Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time Waits For No-one.


I have always wondered what would happen if we just stopped marking time.  Like whose life was so dull that they took the time to figure out the whole around the sun crap and that we should use that to to run our lives?


I tried to protest when they started teaching us how to tell time but that just landed me inside during recess and you can't rule the playground if you are not on the playground.  I begrudgingly went along with it but I always managed to ditch the candles off my birthday cake at my earliest opportunity.  It was my silent protest against aging.

I think marking time is unhealthy.  It adds weight, gives you wrinkles and makes your boobs unperk.  If we are going to bag sugar and make everyone eat their vegetables, we should do away with time as well.

It would have made for a lot happier childhood if there had not been a bed time just because it was getting late. We could still be out there playing hide and seek and I could have skipped the whole incident with the chickens, the red paint and the 18 cases of beer.  My grandparents might have even lived longer if THAT had never happened.  


I feel really bad that we had to cut so many games of hide and seek short because Grandma yelled out, "Bedtime!" and Grandpa started to take off his belt.  

If anyone EVER finds my cousin hidden somewhere around that farm, I hope he understands that time waits for no-one. 

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