Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tossed Salad.


 I like summer. I like light meals, all the fresh food, fruits and veggies ... yum.


 I like chopping and cutting up things for meals. I am the kitchen fluffer. Just give me a knife and cutting board and state your required shape and I am there. I think this gift was probably first evident in kindergarten when I was always over achieving when it came to scissor work. Other kids cut out girls holding hands, with plain triangular dresses and I cut out women in Vegas show girl outfits . . . with pasties . . .

But ... like so many of my craft efforts ... I am great at the execution, just never quite know when the whole exercise is supposed to end or how that happens.


 I mean lettuce and cucumbers etc cut into a finer chop is still salad right? There really was no need for my husband to refer to it as garden dust or to hold it in his hand and blow it into the air like fairy dust and then start sneezing.  I mean salad is salad right?

Come on people, I have seen people go ga-ga over people being able to write on rice grains - no-one even can check whether they actually wrote anything or if they made grammatical errors everyone nods because they can see marks on the rice.

At least you can see I had talent, I chopped them into teeny tiny pieces ... where is the love???

I have blisters ...

SKIN:  [ Al Vulo ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ]
FEET:  SLink
HAIR:  Elikatira  ETD Sofia - Chestnut
EYES:  IKON Destiny Eyes - Midnight
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
PANTS:  bonne chance B.C.C Scarlett Pants  Cream
SWEATER:  Coquet. S Last Bloom
JEWELLERY:   Artistry by E The Esther Set
PURSE:  [ glow ] studio - Orange garden clutch bag
SHOES:  Eleganza

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