Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Am I?


When you think about it, tying up a blouse to make it shorter is really just an evolution of our inborn instincts . . .


Come on, I wasn't the only toddler on the coffee table gathering my crinolines into my arms and hiking them way up over my head so that I could show my frilly underpants and my bare chest. Of course I had no idea what a chest was but I clearly had instincts.

 I wasn't the only girl who tried to hide the breasts as long as I could so that I could run bare chested into the woods with my brother's friends and have some small hope that I might finally get to be one of the Indians because they always got to dance, and wear cool stuff, and tie people up. I LOVED that ... cowboys were so predictable and boring. Ya, so after hearing the grandparental units screaming at me about my whorish tendencies and how my life needed to be governed by a constant concern of what the neighbours or the ladies at church would think, I learned that I must hide my body and be appropriately ashamed of it at all times.

So like the rest of you I put a bra on and pulled my shirt down ....


Except for those few times and I could tie my shirt up and expose my belly which seemed like the only safe thing I was allowed to show besides my face. I am sure years from now people will sit around and discuss this phenomenon and point at how it was a psychological expression of rebellion and desire to allow the natural part of our desire to expose ourselves, out.

Either that or my grandparents were right ... I really am a whore.

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