Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zip A Dee Doooooo Dah.


I went along with a few things growing up.  I had my phase where I was enticed into the dark world of arts and crafts. 

There was the year when everyone was doing those plastic ropes that you wove and braided into colourful attachments on the end of your zipper because evidently one needs glow in the dark extra large, stain repelling pulls for your zipper.  Perhaps my generation was just not as dexterously gifted ... we were advanced in our inability.  Like we were only 8 but we probably needed the extra big buttons for our phones which did not yet exist as we were still rotary dialing.  That is where you put your finger in a hole and pushed it around a circle and released.  We were big on electronics and no expense was wasted on making them exciting.  I had repetitive finger injury long before anyone even thought about injuring their wrist or splints or how they could get workers comp for months on end.

I wanted to braid a big ass zipper pull and so I began ... unfortunately I began my art and crafting career with the same malady that would impact me my whole life.  I was good at starting, I just never knew when to stop and hence my zipper became a whole jacket with one arm longer than the other, a leg built into it and some kind of pouch big enough to put a case of beer in.

I did not zip up my coat ... I coated up my zipper.

I just had to find someone to wear the original coat the zipper came in because I couldn't wear both and people were not as open to Siamese twins back then as they are now.

I got an "F," for my finished product but an "A" for enthusiasm.

Eaten by guilt, I returned my report card, surrendered my "A" and told the teacher I was actually never even remotely enthusiastic about any of it.  It all sucked.  And then I offered her one of my beers.

I think it she appreciated both the honesty and something other than stupid apples.

I am pretty sure she only had a couple of teeth.

SKIN:  LAQ ~ Minna [Peach]
HAIR:  Vanity Hair::Cohimbra-reds
EYES:  IKON Destiny Eyes - Midnight
LASHES:  Silhouette 
JACKET:  Liv Glam  [LG] Boutique-[ WINTER-13] Love On Top
PANTS:  Koketa Garage *Cotton Leggings*v2
BOOTS:   MV Deadly Velvet Dust
EARRINGS:  Koketa  .:::GARAGE:::.Pamp set-black

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