Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baaah Baaah What Sheep?


This is a pic of me with my rescued sheepy.  I rescued it from our trip.


We pulled into a motel when we were on the road and went to dinner.  When we got back the guy next to us had parked his vehicle and gone to bed.  His vehicle was a farm truck full of standing sheep, double decked.

This is normal in Australia.  Farmers who are taking their sheep to market need to sleep too.  My hubby said that I had no real proof they were going to market.  I asked where else they could be going and he suggested that perhaps he was a rescue truck on a mission from Green Peace and he had saved them from a lab or the slaughter house and was taking them to sheep Disneyland where they would live out their days in nice green pastures running and frolicking.

He is not a convincing liar.  Even if he was trying to keep my bottom lip that was trembling from going into full outboard motor mode and the tears from flooding our shared, very small bed.

I couldn't sleep.  I kept thinking about the poor sheep and having to stand all night without any food or water.  I went out and stood by the truck and sang them a lullaby.  I held a little hoof in my hand and then managed to squeeze one sheep out and hide it in the back of our vehicle next to the Golf Clubs.  It promised to be quiet.

The next morning the smell from the truck was unreal and I was glad I got my new pet, I named "fluffy" out while he was still fluffy and not stinky and matted with thousands of flies swarming around him.

I took these pics when I got home but I am sorry to say "Fluffy" is no longer with us.

He leaned against my pants and got all bent out of joint, baahing and hoofing at me.  I had to call in a sheep whisperer who told me Fluffy was upset because my pants were made of wool.  I didn't get it.  He told me wool comes from sheep and that he absolutely knew from the smell that my pants were made from his brother and he was really pissed.

You would think that would be comforting ... like a lock of your mother's hair in an envelope to remember her by only bigger, with two legs, and a zipper and someone wearing it.  At least it is more life like.  My mother's hair just lies there in the envelope.  His "brother" could run and play with him.

Nope he was pissed.  (Like I could actually make him back into a sheep for crying out loud.)

Then he actually pissed on my pant leg.

He pissed on his own brother.

I am pretty sure that is against sheep religion.

You can't reason with a mad sheep who is capable of that kind of behaviour.  Rescued sheep need to represent their species in a much more respectable manner.


We had lamb chops for dinner and we are having  a roast on Sunday.  I am going to wear my wool pants and sit on a lamb fleece.

I don't even miss Fluffy.  He was really annoying and had this sense of entitlement.

Sheep are not entitled.

Not in my pants anyway.

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