Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Blame Toronto


Despite what people from Toronto say about people from the prairies, we were just normal kids like any other kids.  We had hopes, we had dreams ... we wanted to do all the same things, experience the same things that the city kids did.


We wanted to Jiffy Pop popcorn on the stove.    We wanted to make cotton candy just like you could get at the fair.

We were not stupid. We understood what it was made of and we watched the people make it and knew how to make it.  We were not stupid.  We could see the theory behind it all and we were quick to listen to our parents and know that we should not make a big mess or we would never be able to make it again.

I don't know how the jiffy pop pan became melded to the burner but it was not because we didn't read the instructions.  We read them, we were still reading them when they went up in flames and the popcorn exploded everywhere.

I blame false advertising.


We worked with what we had.   We improvised.   

I just told my brother to make sure he did not spill any of the sugar on the floor.  Who expected him to climb into the cement mixer with the sugar?  And who could have predicted how effective it would be to attach the power boat motor to it all.

I do think some of the sugar had time to "spin."  It looked spun . . .  a little . . .  around his head.  It was hard to tell really with all those parents screaming and being locked in my room so quickly.  

We just needed a couple more minutes.

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