Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life On The Rails.


I followed the rails in my youth.  My brother and I were over rummaging through the town dump ... yes you heard me right, we rummaged, it was incredibly interesting back then.  People ate all their food so there was very little of that to throw away, but there was lots of interesting items and treasures that only required a child's imagination to make them magical.


Of course we never let on to the grandparents what we were doing.  Good thing they basically only paid attention when we were noticed.  Going unnoticed became an art.

Anyway we hit the tracks one morning when the picking at the dump was slim and we started following them.  We walked and walked.  We tied my brothers shirt on to the end of a stick and put some rocks in it to make it look full.  We were going to take turns carried it.  He did his turn and then I declined my opportunity because he did such a swell job, I thought I would defer to him.  Even back then, he was sooooo easy.  I just kept commenting on how incredible he was and "oohing" every now and then.  OK some of the "oohs" were actually cows mooing but he never did have a good ear.


Ya we walked for hours.  I was starting to get worried we would never find our way home.  Thank heavens we found the right track to lead us back home again.  I don't know what those people who are born on the wrong side of the track do.

They must be the "homeless" everyone talks about.

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HAT:  POE6 Gift from Xen's Hats
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BOOTS:  }MoYaz{ Berlin mesh boots - Strawberry
EARRINGS: Beauty Code Red Glow (Pink Cherry)
NAILS AND RING: The Black Fair 2013 - GIFT! (*C - Nails RR black)  Chandelle
POSES:  TuTy's

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