Monday, February 3, 2014

The Sears Catalogue - Satan's Tool.


The Sears catalogue is the gateway into teenage porn.  I was witness to it being gated.


It's not a nice thing to witness.

It seemed innocent.  We were just looking through the catalogue and circling the things we wanted for Christmas gifts.  This is a ritual you cannot begin to appreciate unless you are kidnapped by farmers, held prisoner in the middle of nowhere, with blowing snow and mind numbing cold for weeks on end ... year after year after year.   Only after the year after the year do you fully begin to accept that a Sears Catalogue may be the only thing standing between you and complete insanity.

We were busy looking and circling, and then my brother started drooling and I could clearly see he was NOT in the toy section.  I had where those pages came in the catalogue, memorized so that I could quickly flip to them and start circling.  I circled an awful lot of things . . . went through about 3 red pens.  I actually drew in some things that Sears did not carry, hoping that my grandparents might consider that there were other stores in the city and that I might like something from one of them ... like a new family. . .

It took me all of 3 brain cells to figure out that he was looking at the bras and panties.  Ewwww.

He had them all circled in red pen so that he did not get into trouble.

I didn't want bras and panties.

It was all on him.


About 3 weeks after Christmas I caught him ... and the bras and panties really were all ON HIM.  And I realized that "my" stocking which I thought was the most awesome stocking ever, was actually meant for him and he had changed the names at the last minute.

I refused to hand over the sling shot, the sea monkeys OR the slinky.

He got to keep the bras and panties.

They fit him better anyway.  I was a late bloomer.

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