Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dangling Incentive Like A Carrot.


While we were away we took in the Olympics, caught in the rerun reruns whenever we happened to catch a glimpse of a television, or were able to wrestle the remote out of the hands of other customers in restaurants and pubs and change the channel from the cricket.

Some of those old people in walkers are a lot stronger than they look.


This led to lots of discussion about Canada's participation in the Summer Olympics and Australia's participation in the Winter Olympics - both countries having the disadvantage of only having limited access (3 months) to the above mentioned seasons.

This then led to our experience with those sports, mainly his in winter sports and he informed he had skied.

He was at the ski slope with a bunch of noobs, talked them all out of lessons, then demonstrated how "logically" one would ski, then took them all to the top of the mountain, on the longest and most difficult run for his first time on skis.  He did not mention that to them.

I asked him if he was not a little worried.

He told me "na, I figured the run was long enough, by the time I got to the bottom of it, I would know how to ski.  And I did."


Being well versed in my hubby's approach to life, I was not surprised, but I broke the news to him that I was not asking about concern for himself, but rather the other people.

"No, I never saw them again.  I was going to stick around and get a drink but there were so many rescue personnel and medical helicopters around, there wasn't room to breathe so I just left."

Sometimes these blogs may see frivolous but sometimes they serve as a kind of healing, as in, this may be the closest to an apology those poor people ever get . . .  from the wife . . . of a kamikaze Aussie.

SKIN:  7DS 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Valentine
HAIR:  WASABI PILLS  Gloria Mesh Hair
EYES:  IKON Spectral Eyes - Scoria
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
NECKLACE:  T&D Womens braided sun moon n star necklace
EARRINGS:  Purple Moon :: PM :: Tribe Earrings Gold/Iron/Copper
NAILS:  Aa nail RiSa's* prim nail ::chocolate!!
PURSE:  Le Poppycock *Hat box* Faded fragrance
TOP:  _CandyDoll_ Cuero Top Tan
PANTS:  Leri Miles Designs LMD Paige MESH Pants Peach Floral
JACKET:  ISON - oversized wool coat (camel)
SHOES:  Essenz - Dallas (Cream)
POSES:  TuTy's

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