Saturday, March 22, 2014

I Was Awake All Night.


I was awake most of the night, and not just because a gang of cats were going at in the street a la West Side Story, only "Maria" was not so virtuous and the "Jets" were off key and forgot to even try to dance.  


I was awake because I started thinking about these people who decide to commit suicide but insist on taking as many people as possible with them.

I can be sympathetic to the person who feels life sucks and sucks so bad that they just want it to end and to get the hell out of dodge.  I can understand that the people here are not nice to them, and that they feel isolated and alone and think, "this life is just not worth it anymore."

Ok but here is where I struggle ... so you want out, and you decide you are going to take the bastards who caused your pain, with you.   So you kill as many as you can before it looks like you are about to be arrested and then you kill yourself.  Boy did you ever show them right??

But then you get to the other side and you look around and you are surrounded by all the people you identified as causing you so much pain you wanted to get away from them permanently.


Only now they really hate you and are pissed off as all get out and you and them are there for eternity ... I spent the whole night trying to imagine how that moment goes.

Before I knew it the cats had gone and the birds were singing and I had a heck of a headache and a hubby fetching me coffee.

Sometimes old age is just ... weird ....

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