Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Icebergs Show Very Little Above The Surface.


No-one here is Australia can figure out why a Canadian insists on ice in everything.


They think it is so cold there the last thing we would want is an icy cold drink.

It is great drinking Slurpee's in the middle of winter. No brain freeze when your brain is already frozen.  We guzzle our Slurpee's and then just for fun we chug hot Tim Horton's Donuts.  We are invincible.  We are strong, true,  . . . north  . . . and free . . .  sea to sea . .. etc ...


Ok the truth is we drink icy drinks because we can.  Ice stays in the glass.  Ice lasts.  It has a point.  We can make ice in the freezer or in the back yard, whatever.  We can wander outside with our ice in our drink and our drinks only get colder.

Aussies just hate me because they don't have a choice of whether to have ice or not, theirs just melts and then you have watered down wine and that is just ewww .... yes I have seen women put ice in wine.  I am not saying anything more.

I will judge in silence with my icy cold heart.

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