Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's All In The Feathers.


My mother in law hates birds.


She has never really explained why, and she hates cats too.

I think it is nice when someone takes an emotion like that and is willing to apply it fairly across the board to ... two things instead of just one . . . it makes it all seem fairer somehow.

She asked about getting rid of these one birds and we explained she couldn't do that because they are protected under Australian law.  That really upset her.  We asked her why she didn't like them and she told us because they were dirty.  (They are brown)  She could not come up with any other reasons as to why they are dirty  - just the colour.  

She said someone should just come and take them.  There should be people that do that ... take birds  ... and take them somewhere else ... not around her.  She said sometimes she just wanted to go out there and kick them.  We told her she musn't do that.    I started to google whether there was any over the counter medication that controlled the impulse to kick.

Hubby tried to divert her attention ... she was getting out of bed and looking for some old work boots.
We told here there is a place in Australia where they pay you to kill the starlings.  That made her really happy.  She got this dreamy, far away look in her eyes ....


Not sure if we should be worried that she ordered travel brochures and is planning a holiday to that part of Australia.  When do you start really worrying about people???

Am I allowed to make a citizens arrest?

Should I tell anyone about the pile of feathers and the tufts of cat hair under her bed??

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