Monday, March 10, 2014

Scorned Women Are Not The Only Furious People.


We learned in school that if March came in like a lamb it would go out like a lion, or in like a lion and out like a lamb.


It's a pretty safe thing to say on the prairies being as we were mainly cow folk and had limited experience with lambs and no experience with lions.  We were the "some of the people" who could be fooled "all of the time."  That is what happens when you have to rely on someone to interpret an old wives saying for you.

A teacher once made us write about what that saying meant.  I said it meant that no-one had a clue what the weather was like or was going to be like and supported it with the fool hearted idea that if you were really wanting to provide some kind of measure to be able to predict the weather that you should probably use illustrations that were familiar to the people you were speaking to.  Throwing in an obscure farm animal was just insulting.


Thank heavens someone finally figured out that no one was going to watch old wives . . .  or lambs . . . or lions in between the news and the sports and the finally came up with some bimbo blonde in a short skirt to talk about frontal lows and storm fronts while standing in front of a green screen.  Pointing to smiling suns and frowning rain clouds was just pure genius.  Even my brother could understand the weather.

I am pretty sure it was right after that the old wives insisted women start burning their bras.  Hell hath no fury like old women who have had their analogies challenged.

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