Friday, March 21, 2014

Skin Fair 2014 Akeruka's Barbara and Alice

Akeruka Barbara

Agony Helse and Kaoz Koba of Akeruka Skins offer both male and female skins.  I have chosen to showcase Barbara and Alice, two of their skins available in this year's Skin Fair.

Agony's reps indicate their customers are the fashion elite of Second Life, so my apologies if I have not done these the justice they deserve.  Although a relatively new skin designer that you may not have heard of, you will definitely want to give these a try.  The Skin Fair provides everyone with a unique chance to take a look at many of the skin designers out there and not just the legends we all know and love.  Take some demo's home, try them and see what you think.

Kaoz was formerly with Damiani Fashion and LaVie.  He invited his real life partner to join him inworld and together they created Akeruka.

Akeruka Alice

It's the Most Wonderful time of the year - Skin Fair 2014 is open and may I say that the organizers have outdone themselves this year.  The number of skin designers, the variety, the new offerings . . . it is going to be the best year ever.  Make sure you do your part and TAKE OFF EVERYTHING other than something to cover the naughty bits.  Everyone is going to want to attend and you being there with all your bling and scripts and add ons is not only going to wreck it for everyone else, it is going to wreck it for you.  Script limits will be enforced.

Skin Fair 2014 

  Skin Fair 2014 Skin Fair 2014 Skin Fair 2014

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