Friday, March 14, 2014

Skin Fair 2014 Dream Ink's Gia

Dream Ink Gia 3

Esra Noyes of Dream Ink has offered Gia as one of the skins for consideration in this years Skin Fair.  Included in each purchase are all the appliers, a shape and a choice of with or without hair bases.  Skins come in a variety of tones.  Don't let the name of the tones put you off - for example you can see the two labeled "Dark" and "Deep Dark" are 2 of the lighter skins.

Dream Ink Gia 1

I saw Gia prior to the Skin Fair and was thrilled to see her included in the Skin Fair.  I also really like her other skin Eona and will be featuring it in a later posts.   There is so much variety offered with these skins, that it makes your purchase well worth it!

Dream Ink Gia 2

It's the Most Wonderful time of the year - Skin Fair 2014 is open and may I say that the organizers have outdone themselves this year.  The number of skin designers, the variety, the new offerings . . . it is going to be the best year ever.  Make sure you do your part and TAKE OFF EVERYTHING other than something to cover the naughty bits.  Everyone is going to want to attend and you being there with all your bling and scripts and add ons is not only going to wreck it for everyone else, it is going to wreck it for you.  Script limits will be enforced.

Skin Fair 2014 

  Skin Fair 2014 Skin Fair 2014 Skin Fair 2014

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