Thursday, March 13, 2014

Skin Fair 2014 Preview - 7 Deadly Skin's Wrath

7DS Wrath 3

Izaru Zuta of 7 Deadly Skins has both male and female skins for this year's Skin Fair and both are worthy of your consideration.  I don't do men's skins because I think wearing a dress and a beard at the same time takes real talent that I do not have.

7DS Wrath 2

One of the great aspects of events like Skin Fair is the opportunity for people to get to see and try brands that might not be familiar to them.  Izaru is another one of those very active and committed designers who is constantly evolving and improving.  I really think you will regret not taking a look at her offerings for this year.

It is always helpful to take a look at the blogs, and flickr and see the many different interpretations of skins. Sometimes it is easy to miss out on a great find because we look at a couple of pics and decide the skin is not for us.  Try them on.  You have nothing to lose and you might be pleasantly surprised.

7DS Wrath 1

It's the Most Wonderful time of the year - we are now only days away from Skin Fair 2014 and may I say that the organizers have outdone themselves this year.  The number of skin designers, the variety, the new offerings . . . it is going to be the best year ever.  Make sure you do your part and TAKE OFF EVERYTHING other than something to cover the naughty bits.  Everyone is going to want to attend and you being there with all your bling and scripts and add ons is not only going to wreck it for everyone else, it is going to wreck it for you.  Script limits will be enforced.

I will provide the links to the fair once it opens on the 14th.  Start saving your Lindens people!

Skin Fair 2014 

  Skin Fair 2014 Skin Fair 2014 Skin Fair 2014
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