Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Right Lighting Is Everything.


I probably should have written a book.  I was an expert on excuses to use with the Parental Units.


Normally I tried to wait until there was either a cow or wheat crisis before I left the house, because let me tell you, when cows or wheat hit crisis mode, you could waltz out of there butt naked and no-one would even notice.  BUT obviously you cannot orchestrate those things, although I did try, and so sometimes you do have to go through "inspection."

Inspection usually involves one parent seeing you, then screaming, "You are NOT going out wearing that missy, let me tell you, no siree Bob.  No daughter of mine is going to be seen in public with THAT on."  Then the other parent comes running, usually with weapons like "the belt" just in case.

I pointed out that I was not intending to be in Public, I mean the back seat of the car is limited as to how many people can get in there despite any claims made by Guinness.  I also pointed out that they were seeing me in the glaring light of the interrogation lamp over the prisoners dock where I was being held and that I would actually be in the dark and I promised them the outfit looked much more acceptable in the dark.  Perhaps we should dim the lights, or they could close their eyes . . .


Yup, could have written a book.  I would have called it, "Excuses for the Intelligent Teen . . . that Never Ever Work."  I could have saved so many lives.

Then I would have written a follow up with many many stories about the things parent say that, despite how they are delivered, are NOT invitations to discuss. I would have called it, "Those Teen Years - Silence Can Be Your Best Friend."

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