Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When Life Kicks You In the Heart.


Sometimes it is just a shitty day, when people you thought were quality, turn out to be normal warty frogs, just like the rest of us.  Sometimes their actions just make it impossible for you to respect them and you realize you were used and hey - it happens.


At least when you are a little kid you can bite them or dump the paint box on their head and you either end up getting sent to bed without supper or have a stern talking to but at least you hurt them like they have hurt you.  There is some poetry in that.  Get it over and done with and move on.

Kids still have the optional fantasy of running away too.  It might not be very realistic but at least, for those first few hours when you haul your suitcase with all your worldly possessions, and put distance between you and the problem, there is this heady sense of freedom and purpose . . . well at least until your peanut butter sandwiches run out and it starts to get dark.

But as an adult you know you can't run away from your problems and you aren't allowed to bite or dump paint boxes.  You shouldn't even draw nasty pictures in your notebook or learn new swear words because being an adult means that you are supposed to be able to rise above these things and choose a more mature way.


Which is all fine but it still hurts and I do cry sometimes.  I guess the fact I cry when I am alone in my bathtub, without taking any prisoners or injuring other human beings proves I have matured a little since first grade.

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