Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Butterfly Drive-In.


I went to a wedding once where the bride released a whole bunch of butterflies.  Once all those places started saying "no confetti" because it was so hard to clean up, people had to come up with new and exciting ways to enter the world as husband and wife.  Rice was big for a time until all those women were scarred by the new in laws throwing it much harder than they should have ... at the brides face ...

It kind of ruins the wedding photos when the bride is bleeding ....


The wedding I attended was all going swimmingly. They both showed up. No-one had a shot gun and no-one stood up to provide pictures or reasons why the two should not be married.  They both said "I Do," and remembered how to sign their names and the organist played them out of the church and everyone kissed and hugged and then we gathered for the butterfly release.

They opened the boxes and the butterflies flitted out.  They sort of flitted over the crowd one way and then the other way which brought some twitters and giggles and "ooohs" and "ahhhhs" .... and then the birds showed up.  They were not flittering.  They were hunting.  They were angry hungry birds and they wanted butterfly burgers and they were not afraid to get up close and personal with the wedding guests to extract the flitting butterflies.

People ran for cover, birds dived, butterflies screamed in that silent way they do their screaming.  Birds gobbled and came back for seconds and thirds  It was pretty wild.  Just when you thought they couldn't possibly eat anymore they surprised everyone by depositing their recently devoured butterfly burgers on several of the guests, including 2 bridesmaids.  It probably only lasted for a few seconds ... I mean I guess it took as long as it takes for several dozen birds to eat 250 butterflies, poop everywhere, and fly off??  When they were gone there were bits of feathers and poop and butterflies scattered all over the ground and children were screaming for their mommies and one of those was a groomsman.


I bet that church never ever complained about how tough it was to clean up confetti ever again.

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