Saturday, April 26, 2014

Evolving Mankind.


I am pretty sure if I lived back in the day when cigarette holders were all the rage, I would have carried a couple, even though I don't smoke.


It goes without saying you would whip that puppy out if you were trying to be sexy ... I think it was probably the forerunner to duck lips for pics .. well ... if it wasn't it definitely was to lifting your shirt and showing your boob shots from spring break.

But I am already out of the box on this and thinking ... you could get those on a plane ... and probably knit with them.  No-one has ever been cigarette holdered to death in a mass murder suicide thingy.  And there are no hijackings -cause cigarette holder.  Not the usual weapon of choice for terrorists.

You could also use them for chopsticks, or to put your hair up with.  You could scratch your back in that difficult to reach place, or scratch inside your leg cast.   You could conduct a symphony with them or point out important letters or things.  You could use them as a straw or a pea shooter.  You could whip them out as classy stir sticks or use them to poke someone just out of reach in a crowd.

You could play the drums, or challenge people with their own holders to a game of pick up sticks.  You could blow a ping pong ball across the table and win a race.  You could even blow bubbles.  You could stick them up your nose and pretend to be a walrus.


You know, the more I think about it, I am not sure how mankind has evolved without more cigarette holders.  I am going to go buy a pack right now.

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