Monday, April 21, 2014

Furniture That Survives.


We were always being told to keep our feet off the couches when we were kids, even though sometimes the mud we tracked on the velvet with our gum boots created a nifty flocked look that almost matched the wall paper.


I always thought couches should be make with some kind of stronger something, that could outlast kids, ignorant in laws, and people with pointy heels that got drunk and insisted on dancing on the couch because the table was already occupied and thus created and kind of perforated, breathing leather couch into which insects and crumbs could climb into and vacate at will.

Don't tell me it can't be done either.

My mother in law had a small fold out couch that weighed more than a freight train and was stuffed with sawdust or something that never sagged or became less "fluffy."  No fluff and years of year and tear still meant no fluff - it was just as "fluffy" as the day it was bought.   It was covered in some material that everything just bounced off of, including babies and small animals.

We killed a cat in that couch.

Not on purpose, but the cat was clearly in the couch when it got folded up, and must have been a lazy cat not to even have moved despite everyone groaning and some of us screaming with the effort to lift the bed back in.  When we could not find the cat, and realized it was last seen on the couch, we checked, and sadly enough .. it was pancaked.

We lied to our children and said The Tooth Fairy had taken it to heaven to be with God because God really needed another kitty.

God is probably the original cat lady and loves flat kitties as much as fluffier ones.


I just think that couch should have been cloned.

It was a survivor.

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