Thursday, April 17, 2014

It Ain't At All Like It Used To Be.


So thankful to have an open jacket like this one to blog, otherwise I would have probably had to spend an hour finding a connection to this story.  Maybe not ... I am pretty capable of making impossible leaps without too much effort.

Interesting going to a lab where they do all kinds of testing.  It used to be so respectful.  You were called into the back, through doors that closed, taken to a private area, the technician spoke in low tones telling you to remove your clothes, including underwear - or not, and how to put the gown on and then you could wait there in the cubicle until they came to get you to take you to the exam room.  They usually made sure the hall was clear.

The lights were often dimmed, you were provided some kind of sheet for modesty, and you remained as covered as possible and then the process was repeated to get you back to the cubicle and your clothes.

Now they just have a big open space with a wide passage to the back where everyone in the waiting room can see everything.  Yesterday I heard,  "Martha Anderson??"

Martha got up to go in the back.  She was a middle aged woman of some porportion.

"OK take everything off, put this on (he handed her a folder piece of see very thin paper something) It ties at the neck.  We need the opening in the front."

Martha did as told.

"You ready?"


He flung open the cubicle curtain where 2 older men and one younger fellow about 25 were sitting in their paper gowns, tied at the back but not quite practical for covering anything when sitting as most men do with their legs spread open.  Martha stepped out and turned towards the men, one whose mouth dropped open, and then she turned away, red faced, in the opposite direction towards the waiting room, where a woman politely coughed and poked her husband who was staring, and handed him a magazine.

Martha was directed to a room for all practical purposes naked as a jaybird except for a paper "jacket" that was even blue like the one I am wearing and fit her about the same.  And I just have one question.


Why waste good paper like that?

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