Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Note to The People at The Doctor's Office.


Ok Attention fellow Doctor office attendees.


I don't know you.  I may like you if I got to know you but that is never going to happen so let's stick with I don't know you.

There is a room.  There are lots of chairs.  I got there first and chose a seat equally spaced away from the people who were there before me.  I did that because I did not need to rest my head on any of their shoulders and neither did I want to lay my head in their laps.  It is also good disease prevention ... you make as vast of areas as you possibly can between you and the germs so that those puppies have to work to attack the continent of Bliss.

When you come in, you should choose a chair to sit on that also respects that space.  If there are 40 chairs and I am sitting in the corner you can safely sit at least 4 -5 chairs away from me although I would prefer more.  You don't need to sit directly across from me either.  Knees touching can be inappropriately erotic for some people and I am afraid that you might be one of those people and I have mace in my purse.  I am on sedatives so I know the arousal portion of this discussion can only come from you.

You sitting next to me with an expanse of 40 chairs between us and the next people is weird and uncomfortable.


So is you scratching your balls and then putting your hand on the shared arm rest.

You should be thankful that they confiscate all weapons at the door otherwise you would be dead.

That is all.

Hope you are feeling better.

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