Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Then and Now, We Had A Moment.


 This is a true story.


 I attended a party some years ago where many of the women were wearing halter top style maxi dresses, which are lovely, keeping in mind that two triangles of cloth with little strings attached that tie around the back of your neck are not much of a substitute for the sturdy white Maiden Form rivet enforced bra you usually wear.

I am just saying.

While some men might be thrilled to hear that "Linda's" triangle failed to lift or support but it did manage to shift and cover her ribs down the middle of her chest which one could argue was providing "separation," they should take in the fact that "Linda" had a couple of kids, very large pendulous breasts, and the years had not been kind. There was nothing sexy or titillating about the exposed nipple which technically was not THAT exposed being as it was facing downward and there were no midgets in the group who might have been able to vouch for the effectiveness of its appearance.

Linda was "blissfully" unaware of the shift of her triangle.

I would like to commend the men who had occasion to speak to her for not fixating their eyes on her breasts, contrary to stereotypes often thrown in the male direction. They, in fact, spent a lot of time looking at the sky.

A friend did try to tell Linda, and she tugged at her dress which did move the triangle but I think her breast, having tasted freedom, just bolted through the gate as soon as her attention was diverted elsewhere ... (there was a bacon appetizer).

Another friend made the effort, Linda shifted her dress and retied the strings but the sheer weight of the errant breast quickly mashed the triangle into a thread that disappeared somewhere in the fold underneath her breast and she was out and about once again.


The group picture was spectacular and I have never more wanted Mark Zuckerberg to have been born earlier and had Facebook up and running.

Damn the Zuckerbergs for waiting for the wedding.

That pic on Facebook would have gone viral. Passing a Polaroid around the bars is just not the same thing at all.  Like we didn't even have any beads to give her. BUT her parents were suitably shocked and disapproving AND her children, who grew up to see the picture, thought it was pretty tame .. compared to their pics on Facebook.

I hate it when kids get all uppity and out do us and take away all the fun.

They should stay in their rooms.

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