Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Much Needed Crusade.


I never hung around back alleys when I was a kid.


There are no back alleys on the farm ... just "out behind the barn" that's where you went to hang out and do bad things.  It is where people smoked, drank, kissed, fooled around and got a stern talking to.

I think a lot of farm people got their start in life there.

The only difference was that you couldn't get killed there or anything ... and the boogeyman certainly didn't hang out behind the barn.  Also, no homeless people were there and we never ever found any bodies in garbage bins.

What we did have was cows ... milked cows ... milling around ... waiting for the kids from the city to show up and tip them so they could finally get some real rest.  Standing around is not an effective way to totally rejuvenate your cells. I figure God chose cows to be the animals in the barn on account of they can't really communicate and tell on people.  I mean a dog can run up to you and bark, a horse can paw the ground, some apes can do sign language but a cow moos, and swishes flies with its tail and chews its cud.  You can't break a cow, they will never sell you out.


We spent a lot of our time out behind the barn, waiting for some action, ready to rumble but basically there was me and my brother and the cows.

I think this story pretty well illustrates and sums up why I am so bitter about my childhood.

We should free the farm kids.

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