Saturday, May 24, 2014

An Idyllic Saturday Afternoon in the Neighbourhood.


Neighbour was having a bonfire.  He obviously could not wait for it to be either night or cold, two of the usual hallmark reasons for having a bonfire.


Neither does he understand the importance of what you use for wood, and that treated wood, can throw of toxic fumes which are not good for the food, or the guests.

Gift bags don't usually contain a free trip to the local hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and food poisoning but I do give him some extra points on being creatively different.  I would never have thought of that idea for a party.

The last thing I heard before the explosion was, (I mean apart from people throwing up in the bushes) was, "if you really want to get a fire going, you need to ...."

There is something about the scream of sirens and the roar of 4 fire engines tearing up the idyllic Saturday afternoon street that just pulls a neighbourhood out of it's seclusion and unites them all in a crowd  asking each other WTF???

I set up a lemonade stand and another neighbour set up a sausage sizzle.  It was great.

As in, no-one died or had to go to the hospital.


Had a great time meeting some of the new neighbours.  Someone built a slip and slide from all the run off water from the firemen putting out the bonfire.

I am thinking that maybe we should all get a card and thank our neighbour for being such a giant dick head. Some of our best afternoons as a neighbourhood have been because of him.

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