Friday, May 23, 2014

Duck Duck Swan Goose.


I always wanted to be photographed with swans.  I thought they were so elegant and then there were all those fairy tales about swans being magical and I just really really really wanted to get my picture taken with them.


Only we didn't have swans on the farm.  There were swans on some of the sloughs sometimes but I had learned my lesson about the sloughs ... in fact everyone learns their lessons about sloughs.  I mean once you end up in one, it scars you for life.  By the time they rip all the leeches off you would rather die than ever go near a slough again, in case, in the 2 days since your accident, the leeches evolved and they now can leap or fly.

It is not a good thing to grow up thinking you are a leech magnet.

So I had to work with what I had.  We had ducks or geese.  The geese were more swan like and if they were white, I had a good chance of fooling somebody in the city.  People on the farm were not much impressed with fashion shoots.  Unless they were advertising new coveralls ... then they were all over it.

So I tried to get the geese to swim elegantly by me at the lake.  I put all the effort into crating them to the lake, I plumped their feathers, I was dressed .... I let them out on the water, a bunch of Canadian Geese flew by and well ...


Our farm geese were whores.

They just took off with the Canadian geese and that was the last we ever saw of them.

I had my picture taken with a dead fish that someone caught and floated near me while I was standing in the water trying to look fashionable.

A dead fish just does not have the same impact as fluffy swans.

No wonder I ran as soon as they opened the barn door.

SKIN:  * Morphine : Nadine Native Skintone (Smoky) for Penumbra
EYES:  Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes - Cumin
LASHES:  Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Philisha Lashes
JEWELLERY:  Chop Zuey RPH Gift - Fenghuang Set
NAILS:  Candy Nail #P025 Tresor Black
GOWN:  Tuty's  Tt - Mesh Backless long gown
SHOES:  NX-Nardcotix Rebekah Pumps Sugar

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